An Essay on Spiritual Contentment

Bless neighbor having another tree felled he swears will never fall on him first. Reason will do as much good as it ever does, so save your breath. He’s as likely to be brained by errant goose as falling oak, but what’s the point?

“Older the tree, deeper the roots,” he’ll grouse and have it more right than you.

Love your enemy for once in your life. Suffer bucket truck and blue smoke from chainsaws, rifle crack of timber. Ronnie’s Tree Service is putting bread on his table same as you.

Tell yourself this is how Jesus grows the soul: arboreally so, in rings beyond itself.

Bird Report

Driving on 42W into work. Near James Barber Road. Three crows on one side of the road. A fourth crow in the middle of the road walking like a wind-up toy toward them, now away from them.